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Readers’ Feedback – T.

November 29, 2009

NOTE: The following message was sent by T. It was forwarded by Dani Rabinowitz, a South African who is completing a doctorate in philosophy at Oxford. 

Dear Dani,  

Thank you for this article [i.e. Genesis and the Big Bluff]. This is a very clear and careful presentation. Your friend is to be greatly commended.  

For what it’s worth, he has convinced me of his position. I don’t care much for the debate on evolution though. Even if there is a lot of evidence, the tradition tells us this is misleading. (more…)


Readers’ Feedback – Jonathan

November 22, 2009

NOTE: Below are three dialogues between Jonathan & me.

Comment: Dear Sir, You must have had a meaningful dialogue with Dr Schroeder.  

My response: 

I am not sure of the significance of this comment, so it is difficult to reply.  

One thing is entirely clear: when you publish a book, you can expect critiques. There is absolutely no obligation for any reader to contact an author personally. Once your ideas are part of the public domain, it is not only praise and royalties that you can anticipate – criticism is part of the package. 

Furthermore, it is clear to any impartial reader that there are no ad hominem comments in Genesis and the Big Bluff. It is factual and impersonal.  (more…)

Readers’ Feedback – Reuben

November 13, 2009

Regarding your critique of Dr. Schroeder’s book I can only comment as follows:-  

Absolute truth, like absolute knowledge, cannot be attained absolutely. The best both either side can hope to achieve is a well calculated possibility.  

For me there has to be some form of reconciliation between creationism and science. (more…)

Readers’ Feedback – Concerned Parent

November 13, 2009

In the conclusion of Genesis and the Big Bluff, I mentioned one school, ostensibly committed to Torah ideals, which (to my knowledge) accepted the new biology curriculum without any consultations with Torah sages. Furthermore, after initially agreeing to have the Biology & אמונה audio-visual series presented to the biology students, the school reneged, on the basis that there was insufficient time for this. 

The email below was sent to me by a parent at the school as a result of these events. It was not written in response to Genesis and the Big Bluff. (more…)

Readers’ Feedback – Professor N. Aviezer

November 13, 2009
Professor N. Aviezer of Bar Ilan University wrote: 

Dear Yoram Bogacz, 

I recently received via e-mail your monumental review of [Dr.] Schroeder’s book, “Genesis and the Big Bang,” and I want to congratulate you on your magnificent piece, which I read in detail with great pleasure. 

However, perhaps you will permit me one critical comment.  (more…)

Readers’ Feedback – Peretz

November 13, 2009

Peretz wrote:


PAGE 15: “Evidence for this continuing growth comes from observations suggesting that most galaxies are receding from us.” Two questions stemming from ignorance: 1. Is it ‘most’ or ‘all’?  2. Could these observations suggest that most galaxies were receding from us? (i.e. from the observations, can one still posit that the expansion stopped, and that we’re mistakenly (even though reasonably) extrapolating from light-years ago, saying it’s still expanding?) (more…)

Readers’ Feedback – Shalom

November 6, 2009

Hi Yoram, I hope that my email finds you and your family healthy & happy in all respects. I just wanted to write to you to express my thanks for the book review that you sent me. I am incredibly humbled by your broad knowledge in so many varied fields of science, and want to acknowledge the amount of time you must have put into writing this article. (I am of course, also incredibly humbled by your knowledge of Torah, but that almost goes without saying).

If you ever write a comprehensive book on the Intersection of Torah & Science, or any other subject for that matter, please let me know, as I am a huge fan.

A couple of points/questions for consideration: (more…)

Readers’ Feedback – Yonatan

November 6, 2009

Hi there- hope life finds you well. 

I am reading this [Genesis and the Big Bluff] with interest. 

Although I am not finished reading, Yoram, I notice that you still refer to Michael Denton’s 1986 critique on evolution. Are you aware that he has apparently modified his views in a 1998 book called Nature’s Destiny? (more…)