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Readers’ Feedback – “SHALOM” on Professor Shapiro & Rabbi Blue

July 26, 2010

“SHALOM” on Professor Shapiro & Rabbi Blue

[In the following document, Shalom (a pseudonym) addresses a previous post on this website (Professor Shapiro and Rabbi Blue). When quoting their statements, he refers to Rabbi Blue as RB and to Professor Shapiro as PS. My responses to his points are prefaced with My comments…]



Readers’ Feedback – Professor James Shapiro & Rabbi Blue

July 4, 2010


Below is correspondence from Rabbi Blue (a pseudonym). Rabbi Blue is a Johannesburg educator. He teaches at the school which features in the Concerned Parent post on my website, Torah Explorer ( Rabbi Blue refers to correspondence that he has had with Professor James Shapiro of the University of Chicago ( The structure of this response is as follows. First, Rabbi Blue’s email, followed by my response to some of his points. Then follows the correspondence between Rabbi Blue and Professor Shapiro, interspersed with my comments. At all points, my words begin with the heading My response:

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Yoram Bogacz

Johannesburg, July 2010