Publication of Genesis and Genes


I am pleased to announce that my book, Genesis and Genes, has been accepted for publication by Feldheim Publishers. It will be published later this year, אי”ה. [Feldheim operates a number of autonomous divisions. The division that will publish the book is not associated with the part of the company that is in financial trouble.]

Genesis and Genes is a meticulously researched analysis of the relationship between the Torah and science, especially cosmology and biological evolution. It draws on hundreds of sources and contains more than 500 endnotes. The book carries a הסכמה from the Rosh Yeshiva of Ner Israel, Rabbi Aharon Feldman שליט”א, and the Foreword is written by Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb שליט”א of Ohr Somayach, Jerusalem. Genesis and Genes is probably the most comprehensive book of its type available to the Jewish community. Despite its depth and rigour, however, Genesis and Genes is accessible, and does not require any background in science or Torah.

Genesis and Genes grew from my conviction that such a work is urgently needed, both in the South African Jewish community and abroad. I sincerely hope that you will assist me in making Genesis and Genes available to those who will benefit from it.


Yoram Bogacz


3 Responses to “Publication of Genesis and Genes”

  1. Avi Says:

    Does it have any endorsements from physicists/ biologists?

  2. Yoram Bogacz Says:

    No; I did not consider it necessary to seek such endorsements. I quote many dozens of scientists in Genesis and Genes, many of them cosmologists and biologists, and let them speak for themselves. Yoram Bogacz.

  3. Menachem Mevashir Says:

    Questions for Yoram

    I would like to submit to you the following questions and comments about your book, Genesis and Genes:

    page 218 “If your exposure to the debate is restricted to the Internet — unfortunate enough a circumstance….” Why is it unfortunate? The internet is probably the best source for anti-Darwinist information on all sorts of Creationist and ID websites that normally would be supressed by the mainstream media.

    243 you have an * note about Deniable Darwin referring to page 106, but there is nothing on that page about it.

    249-252 Your discussion of Atlantic tomcod resistance to PCBs confused me. Wouldn’t this adaptation actually prove dangerous for humans who might eat this fish not realizing that it is loaded with toxins? Also you call this kind of mutation “loss of function.” I believe Michael Behe uses the term “Burning a gate to save a city.”

    279 Not at all clear how Dr. Schroeder learned from your quote of Rambam idea of hominids. Could you have omitted part of the relevant quotation?

    279 Ramban says creation for six days. This raises the more general question: if death only ensued because of the Sin of the Tree of Knowledge, then how is it possible to understand that God originally created man as an immortal being on a planet with finite resources? Doesn’t this strongly suggest that Genesis 1-3 must be an allegory of some kind?

    284 *note says that the Mishna is “a brief statement within the Oral Law.” The reader might be curious to know that the Gemara constitutes the rest of the Oral Law.

    286 Concerning Adnay HaSadeh I see two problems:
    (a) Regardless if it refers to primitive tribes or an ape-like creature, it could be the vestige of a hominid form. Who says all hominids would have to become extinct?
    (b) Anthropologists report that primitive tribes have very sophisticated linguistic systems, even more so than modern languages. And since language is considered the premier marker of a human being, I think Kahati must be mistaken to call these creatures animals.

    288-293 Your discussion of Aryeh Kaplan’s view of 974 generations made no sense to me:
    (a) Whether the explanation is that these generations were meant to be born within 2000 years or scattered into the future, no source speaks of a time frame of 25000 years, so where did Kaplan get that?
    (b) How could 974 generations be compacted into 2000 years?
    (c) Wasn’t the Torah given 2400 years after Creation? So why does Rashi say that there wasn’t time to place the 974 generations prior to Torah?

    303 Why do you call David Berlinski “delightful?”

    306 You write that “the notion of creation was repugnant to Eddington.” He is addressing the Big Bang, not creationism, no? And many have noted that the Big Bang itself does not correlate to Creationism since one would not expect an ordered universe to arise out of the chaos of an explosion.

    309 You write that David united the kingdoms of Judah and Israel. I thought these kingdoms formed after the death of Solomon?

    321 Evidence about parthenogenic snakes makes me wonder about the claim of the NT about Jesus’ birth to a virgin. Note that Nachash and Mashiach have same gematria!

    355-356 The objections raised by Pauli to evolution seem similar to those noted by Creation Scientist Henry Morris. See here:

    364 You say Rambam never wrote about hominids. But isn’t there a Midrash that states that after the Flood apes were created to confuse people about their origins? You might also find of interest this bible commentator who argues that the nachash in Eden was a monkey! Apparently the word nachash pronounced in Arabic means ape:
    Adam Clarke was the student of English minister John Wesley and reputed to know ten languages.)

    359 “It’s the good old tendency among Jews to be more goyish than the goyim.” This comment really disappointed me. It seems totally gratuitous and even dishonest. Throughout your book you praise scientists who have the courage to question Darwinism. Most of these people are non Jews and/or Christians. They have led the way in the counterattack against Darwinism. And on the contrary the overwhelming numbers of Jews in higher academia (estimated in the USA as: 50% of medical school faculty, 40% of law school, 30% of business school, and 20% of college faculty) are either active proponents of or passively acquiescing to Darwinist concepts.

    I do not think it is because they wish to be “like goyim” either. It is a very simple matter of craving respect, status, and money. They place their careers above the call of God. Yet I don’t think you can really blame them. Where in Judaism have they ever been taught the importance of martyrdom? Yes, the rabbis pay lip service to Talmudic statements that one must forfeit all of one’s money to avoid transgressing the law, particularly something as heinous as totally denying the Creator as Darwinism does; but practically speaking the rabbis today exhort their followers to strive for the highest levels of achievement, money, and success. You do not teach what Jesus said about laying down one’s life for the Truth or losing one’s life for His sake in order to find it. So I think it is really unfair to criticize these Jews who accomodate themselves to Darwinism.

    Even worse, the “goyim” you demean have established organizations like Discovery Institute to protect academics who do lose their jobs when they openly criticize Darwinism. Judaism has no such mechanism so far as I know, unless the person can manage to get hired to teach at a yeshiva like Drs. Schroeder and Taitz. So Yoram this snipe at “goyim” is ungracious and enough to make me NOT recommend your book to the Jewish and Christian people I know. And that is unfortunate, because your book does contain a goldmine of good information, especially chapter 8.

    I also think your idea of making Jews “informed consumers of science” is pretty naive. You seem to overlook the onslaught of the nexus of corporate control over research with mass media indoctrination. Unless people write books like yours, no one will ever realize the truth. And even when books like yours emerge, they cannot hope to keep pace with the onslaught of corporate managed mass media disinformation.
    And furthermore there are many more issues of which Jews are largely ignorant about the twisted science, and the rabbis rarely if ever speak out since they are masters of political correctness and not rocking the boat. What good will it be to overthrow Darwinism only to wake up and realize that our world has been poisoned by radioactive fallout and GMOs, all produced by technology divorced from ethics? Or the economic apologetic for what I call cancer capitalism, where we are told it’s good that our lives are owned and managed by Wall Street financiers?

    I well recall during my 18 years as a Charedi Jew my growing horror at the poor quality of diet in Israel, at the enormous generation of trash and waste with zero environmental consciousness, etc. I once calculated that charedim waste 10 million liters of water PER DAY on useless netilat yadayim in a water-starved country. About all these things and many more Jews are woefully ignorant and the rabbis seem to care less. So long as the Madoffs and Adelsons of the world ante up their filthy lucre to the Jewish and Zionist organizations, who wants to make noise?

    Perhaps these thoughts will help you if this book ever is reprinted.

    Shalom baShem Yeshua,
    Michael Korn
    Ohr Samayach 1983-1986
    Toras Yisrael 1987
    Bostoner Kollel 1988-1990
    Jesus of Nazareth 20 June 2000

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