First reviews of Genesis and Genes

First Reviews of Genesis and Genes

Genesis and Genes is now available in Israel. A shipment with the books is making its way to the US, and then to South Africa.
The first review (preview, really) has appeared in the local press. You can read David Saks’ piece in the SA Jewish Report here (page 6):

Mr. Saks is Associate Director of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies and Editor of Jewish Affairs. He is an accomplished author, journalist and editor.
The review is also cited on Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb’s blog, here:
[Search for David Saks].


3 Responses to “First reviews of Genesis and Genes”

  1. Dan Says:

    Hi I’m looking forward to reading your book. Have you read Rabbi Jonathan Sack’s new book “The great partnership” if so I would love to know what you think, I remember reading an article by Rabbi Gottlieb a few years ago, I found the document on my hard drive, he said that there are two valid approaches,

    “The contradiction between the age of the earth and the universe according to science and the Jewish date of 5755 years since Creation has two standard solutions. The first allows that the scientific estimate could be true, and show howthe text of Genesis can be reconciled. (See Challenge, eds. Carmell and Domb, (1978: Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists), pp. 124-41, 164-75.) The second is that the Jewish date is the literal truth, and the scientific estimate must be explained (away!). (See ibid., pp.142-49.)”

    Rabbi sacks explores Rabbi Gottlieb’s first approach.
    Does one really need to choose between the two opinions or can one remain unsure?

  2. Sam Riceman Says:

    from the review

    “The very fact that scientists admit to
    having religious beliefs of some kind, would
    seem to be enough to discredit anything
    they might have to say, as if their basic reasoning must have been somehow twisted
    and subverted from the outset”.

    in america at least this would be a big overstatement there is still a large minority who are religious ( and there are prominent religious scientists, provided they bow to the darwinian worldview (R. Collins, K. Miller) however, it is viewed as a deficiency by the scientific elite, atheism is basically a prerequisite to get into the national academies

    Looking forward to reading the book

  3. Phil Says:

    I imagine that what Sam wrote above would apply to varying degrees according to the field of science in question.

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