Astronomy Presentations

The following are audio-visual presentations that focus on the intersection between Torah and astronomy. They are accessible to a general audience with no specialist knowledge of the subject required. These modules can be presented to audiences at both private residences and institutions.

Watch the video for more: click here

Please contact Yoram Bogacz at or 011-887-8849

The Moon & the Calendar Series

The Moon & the Calendar – Part 1

The Moon & the Calendar – Part 2

The Moon & the Calendar – Part 3

Time Warp

The intersection of astronomy and Shabbos: Why the earliest candle-lighting time does not happen on the shortest Friday

The Ultimate Design

Birchas Hachama


One Response to “Astronomy Presentations”

  1. Rabbi Ziegler Says:

    My Shull has, so far, heard/seen 2 of these presentations
    We found them outstanding in terms of content as well as clarity.They were enjoyed and appreciated by Torah scholars, academics as well as laymen,

    Rabbi Ziegler Cyrildene Shull

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