Quick – what’s the single best idea anyone has ever had? Philosopher Daniel Dennett says that if he were to award a prize for such an idea, it would go to Charles Darwin [1]. Evolutionary theory is the cornerstone of modern Western thought. It influences everything from economics to parenting and politics [2].

What is the Torah view of biological evolution? Is it compatible with Jewish belief? Should we strive to reconcile the doctrine of evolutionary biology with Torah sources?

In Genesis and the Big Bang, Dr. Gerald Schroeder claims to have discovered harmony between Biblical tradition and contemporary science. Many in the Jewish community, although not informed about the issues, profess to be comfortable with evolution. After all, hasn’t Dr. Schroeder demonstrated that evolutionary biology is compatible with Torah beliefs?

One reason for this website is to examine this claim. Posted here is the most comprehensive book review of Genesis and the Big Bang to date. It evaluates the claims – from Torah sources as well as from scientific sources – made by Dr. Schroeder.

This book review is also a useful general introduction to the Torah and Science interface. It will enable readers to assess claims in this context, and pose relevant, penetrating questions.


[1] Daniel C. Dennett, Darwin’s Dangerous Idea, Touchstone Books 1996, page 21.

 [2] Here are just three examples (out of many) of books published over the past few years which indicate the scope of the influence of Darwinian evolution on modern Western thought: Economics as an Evolutionary Science; Divided Labours – An Evolutionary View of Women at Work; Executive Instinct – Managing the Human Animal in the Information Age.



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